I’ve been teaching in Japan for almost half of my life. After teaching English in the Tokyo area for several years, I moved to Shikoku where I am teaching at Kochi University of Technology.  Kochi is an appealing place to live and work. Our campus is surrounded by mountains and, as you can probably guess, I am happiest when outdoors.

Most of my free time is spent cycling in the nearby mountains, although I also enjoy hiking, surfing, skiing, & snorkeling. Of course, I love my job as a teacher too. I have been teaching ever since I graduated from college and I can’t think of a more rewarding profession. I have numerous opportunities to travel and have the benefit of being a life-long learner.

My recent research involves technology and education and I am a bit of a computer geek. I enjoy experimenting with Linux, MySQL and PHP to create language learning applications that can be used with Moodle and with mobile devices such as the iPad. Computers and cycling help balance my life.