I’ve been teaching English in Japan for  half of my life. After living  in the Tokyo area for several years, I moved to Shikoku where I am currently teaching at Kochi University of Technology.  Kochi is an appealing place to live and work. Our campus is surrounded by mountains and, as you can probably guess, I am happiest when outdoors.

Together, Shikoku’s natural environment and my teaching position rejuvenate my spirit. I have been a teacher ever since I graduated from college and I can’t think of a more rewarding profession. I have numerous opportunities to travel and have the benefit of being a life-long learner. In addition to working with students, I enjoy cycling and hiking in the nearby mountains, kayaking in the rivers, and surfing or snorkeling in the sea.

My recent research involves technology and education. I am currently developing language learning applications that can be used with Moodle and mobile devices.